VIAIO Barbell Jack, Effortless Loading/Unloading Barbell & Plates,Bear at Least 1000 Pounds, Small and Portable, Durable, Perfect for Grip Plate, Weight Plate, Bumper Plate, Strength Training Plate : Everything Else

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EFFORTLESS LOADING/ UNLOADING BARBELLS VIAIO dead wedge are the creative substitutes of the hard pull jacks, let you can load/ unload easily. We design them to make you easiler to change the weight plates, not waste your precious exercise time. It only takes a few seconds to place multiple plates on the barbell. Load & Unload in just 3 Quick Steps Step 1: Roll the inner panel up the ramp until it locks into the loading slot.(Tilt your dead-angle wedge inward a bit to achieve perfect alignment.) Step 2: Due to the increased height, the board can be loaded or unloaded as easily as in a rack. Step 3: Slide the plate down from the loading trough back to the ramp and onto the floor. Done. Continue on the other side and prepare to lift! To uninstall, follow the steps in the exact reverse order Key Features: - Premium Grade, Anti Compression Rubber. - Contoured Loading Groove to Reduce Weight Movement. - Angled Ramp for Easy Loading. - Non-Slip Gripping Surface. - Fits Virtually All Bars and Plates. - Fully Portable and Versatile. - Lifetime Warranty. Unlike the large, clumsy stiff-pull jacks, VIAIO barbell jack is small, portable. You can take them out and use them when you go to different workouts. They are the perfect fit for your gym bag, and they doesn't take up much space. SPECIFICATIONS Material: Silicone Size: 9.25 x 1.8 x 1.2 in Quantity in each pack: 2 Because the difficulty of loading/unloading rebar should not exceed the deadlift itself. Click on the Yellow "Add to Cart" button above Now to get your pair of VIAIO.

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