6001 Filter Cartridges for Respirator, Dust-Proof, Organic Vapor, Pollen and Chemical Cartridges, Compatible with 6200, 6800, 7502, FF402 Respirator (2 Pack) - -

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FACE COVER FILTER BOX How often should these be replaced? It depends on the chemicals and/or particles you breathe. We recommend replacing the filter cotton every 8 hours of work. filter is suitable for 6001cn, 5n11, 6100, 6200, 7502, 6800 face cover. PRODUCT NAME: Filter box CERTIFICATION: American NIOSH certification PRODUCT PACKAGE: 2* poison filter box PRODUCT FEATURES: 1. Trapezoidal filter box, high content of activated carbon, long life, good absorption effect 2. The unique filter circuit design makes the cartridge life longer 3. Trapezoid design, the center of gravity swings back, not easy to cause neck fatigue 4. It must be installed on the main body of the mask before it can be used. When wearing a mask, the smell is no longer a peculiar smell, but fresh air! When to change the cotton? 8 hours protection is a reasonable expectation of each filter. When the user feels that the breathing resistance is obviously too large, the human body feels uncomfortable, or the filter dust is dirty or damaged, the filter cotton needs to be replaced.

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