Paraffin Wax Machine for Hand and Feet - 5000ML Capacity Paraffin Bath Machine with Paraffin Wax for Spa & Arthritis Treatment - Wax Warmer for Foot & Hand Care(Green) : Beauty

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Paraffin wax has a very high heat capacity, meaning it is able to absorb and retain a great amount of heat. A paraffin wax spa takes advantage of paraffin's heat-retaining capacity in a simple process called heat transfer. In technical terms, heat is transferred to the core of the affected area as paraffin goes through a phase change. As it melts, the paraffin becomes a liquid and is able to retain more heat. Then, when a hand, foot, or other area is dipped into the heated bath, the phase of the paraffin that surrounds the dipped area quickly changes into a solid. The heat that is given off is called the heat of fusion. How to set the Quick heating Mode (Power Saving Mode)? 1 Plug the machine and the screen will show OFF; 2 Press ON/OFF button for 2 seconds, and the display window will show “A-U”; 3 In the quick heating mode, wax is melted automatically, and the “+” and “-” are not available; 4 Wax is heated at 90℃ in the first 42 min and at 55℃ in the remaining period. 5 It takes 80 min in the quick heating mode. How to set the Self-adjusted heating Mode? 1 Plug the machine and the screen will show OFF; 2 Press on/off button and then press "+/-" button to set your desired temperature; then it will start to melt (Temperature range is 45℃ -75℃,The melting point of paraffin wax is about 60℃) Working voltage/frequency: AC (110 V-120 V/60 Hz) Power rating: 230 W Maximum Temperature: 75°C/167°F Capacity: 5000 ML 1 x Paraffin Wax Warmer 1 x Brush 1 x Heat Insulating Grid 2 x 1 pound Paraffin Wax 1 x Towel 100 x Glove Liners for hand 100 x Glove Liners for feet 2 x Thermal Mitts for hand 2 x Thermal Mitts for feet 1 x User Manual We recommend you to clean the paraffin wax melting pot and exchange paraffin refills every 25 uses when the wax gets unclear to maintain sanitation. To clean the wax pot, slightly heat the solid wax mass and pour it out once it is loosened, then use a paper towel or a clean, dry cloth to wipe the inside of the wax. *Please do not use industrial solvent or frosted product to undertake cleanness.

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