Hip Brace Groin Thigh Supports Compression Sleeve Adjustable Hip Support for Hamstring, Quad, Pulled Muscle, Sciatica Nerve, Hip Flexor, Strain, Arthritis, Men and Women Sciatica Pain Relief : Health & Household

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See more product details Therapeutic neoprene helps to retain the body heat needed to warm muscles, provides soothing compression, and increases blood circulation, which reduces recovery time. The hip brace uses completely adjustable hook and loop fasteners for both the waist and the thigh to ensure a perfect fit. The hip wrap stays in place at all times and provides extra confidence, support, and stability during sitting, walking, sporting, and occupational activities. Hip stabilizer support brace has been specifically designed to speed up recovery and help relieve pain in hip and thigh areas caused by: ✅ Sciatica ✅ Pulled thigh (hamstring strain and quadriceps strain) ✅ Pulled groin muscle (groin pull or hip adductor strain) ✅ Hip flexor strain ✅ Hip labral tear, hip bursitis, hip osteoarthritis (arthritis) ✅ SI joint (Sacroiliac joint) issues Helps relieve pain and speeds up recovery from sciatica, hip flexor injury, thigh strain (pulled hamstring, quad, hip adductor), hip labral tear, hip bursitis, hip arthritis, SI joint (Sacroiliac joint) issues.

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