Purse Handbag Making Material Kit, with Frame Clasp, Bag Handmade DIY Craft, Mini Cosmetic Bag Woman and Girl

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 Package:1 x Purse Handmade Material Kit1 x Purse strap (47.24inch)Instruction:1. Fold the Inner cloth outward2. Secure with a beading needle and sew along the edges3. Cloth stand up, hand pressure left and right sides will form a grasp4. Pinch the corner position5. Pinch the bottom corner and secure it along the edge of the adhesive liner with a bead pin6. Stitched the right and left corner of the inner cloth7. Fold the outer cloth in half, fix 2 sides along the edge with a bead pin and sew them on the cloth8. When the cloth stands up, the hand presses left and right sides9. Pinch the corner position with hand10. Pinch the bottom corner and fix it with a bead pin, sew along the edge11. The left and right corners of the lining stitched12. Turn the cloth with the pattern facing outwards13. put the inner cloth into the outer cloth14. Align the edges and corners of the outer cloth and inner cloth15. Fold the cloth in the middle16. sewn on one side and neat on the other side17. Mark the front, back, right, and left four center points18. Put the clasp into the bag19. The upper cornice should be tied down and fixed with needle and thread20. Both sides are fixed21. Fix the center point of the bag and the clasp with needle and thread22. Sew with thread, hide th

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