Multifunctional Automatic Wire Stripper With 127pcs Heat Shrinkable Tube, 8 Inches, Stripping Range Of Wire Strippers 10-24AWG, Crimping 4-22AWG and With Wire Cutter Function - -

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It can strip 10-24AWG wires quickly and efficiently. It can cut common wires, copper wires and aluminum wires easily and quickly. It can crimp insulated, non-insulated and auto ignition terminals. The design of the plastic slider can control the stripping length, it can be pulled back and forth, and the adjustment range is 1/4 to 3/4 inches. When there is no need to locate the stripping length, the plastic slider needs to be moved downwards. We can see that the handle has a cross-shaped pattern design, which can not only prevent slippage, but also increase the comfort of the handle, reduce hand fatigue, and have a feel and texture at the same time. We can clearly see that there is a nut on the wire stripper, which can be used to adjust the strength of the wire. When we strip wires of different sizes, we need different strengths, and then we need to fine-tune the nuts. When using a wire stripper to strip the wire, if the wire is damaged, the force may be too strong, indicating that the nut is too tight. At this time, the nut should be loosened. If the wire cannot be stripped by sliding, the nut needs to be tightened.

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