DOVEET Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor, Color Weather Stations with Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Sensor : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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See more product details Since 2018, Doveet has been committed to creating a new experience of consumer for Weather Station, We have professional, quality, and service as a business philosophy. We are full of passionate and dedicated team continues to innovate, Providing high quality products for global customers. HUMID: When the humidity is more than 70%. GOOD:When the temperature is between(20°c-28°C/68°F-82.4°F) and the humidity is between 40-70%. DRY: When the humidity is less than 40%. No comfort level shown on the display when the temperature is out of the appropriate range(20°℃c- 28°℃c/68°F-82.4°F)and thehumidity is between 40%- 70%. 1.We built in WWVB CHIPS to receive the WWVB signal 2.It would automatically update everyday in the midnight, no need to adjust the time manually by yourself. 3.After powering on the weather station, it will soon activate RCC(it is WWVB as well) function (Radio-controlled automatic time-calibration, abbr. RCC). During the process, the display screen will automatically turn off to reduce other interference. After the process(in 7 minutes), the screen will light up again. It displays accurate information in the simplest way possible which increases the readability. Hang the device or place it on the countertop to get all the information with ease

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