THUSTAR 8MP Document Camera & Webcam 4K with Dual Microphones, USB Visualiser A3-Size, 3-Level LED Lights, Image Invert Function, Fold, for Live Demo, Distance Education -Windows, macOS and Chrome OS : Office Products

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2" / 6 cm 3-levels adjustable brightness: The camera comes with 14 ring lamp beads, 3-levels adjustable brightness, which can eliminate the trouble of shooting in difficult lighting conditions, allowing you to capture objects in dark and bright environments, and also can realize selfie filling function Adjustable Image Brightness: USB camera has brightness (+) and brightness (-) buttons, you can manually adjust the image brightness with 10 degree, to ensure you get a clear picture (+) Button: brightness adjustable to 10 degrees (-) Button: brightness adjustable to 10 degrees Built-in two microphones: Built-in dual microphones are convenient for recording music lessons, podcasts or games, as well as distance learning, online lessons, streaming or video calling with loved ones The microphone has a noise reduction / cancellation system, a sampling rate of 8000 / 16000Hz and an accuracy of <5 PPM Maximum catch area: A3 It can better capture 2D and 3D objects, shoot high definition pictures and videos. Maximum coverage area: 16.5 "x 11.6" (A3 paper) Simple screwdriver included in the base of the stand: If the document camera mount is loose, you can use the simple screwdriver we provide to adjust the tightness The package contains a type-c connector: It uses a USB Type-A connection and comes with a USB Type-C adapter if a USB Type-A port is not available on your system

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