Aneken Money Counter Machine with UV/MG/IR/DBL/HLF/CHN Counterfeit Detection, USA Portable Bill Counting Machine, Bill Counter with LED External Display, Add&Batch Modes, 2-Year Warranty : Office Products

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Counting money may be fun, but counting bills over 9999 is a tedious task! Please leave the task of counting bills to the fast and accurate ANEKEN money counter to free your hands! ABOUT ANEKEN MONEY COUNTER, PLEASE BE REMINDED: The ANEKEN money counter can only count USD bills number, not the value of the bills. Counterfeit/broken/different parts of the bill's magnetic strip/bill width is not normal, the display will show an error code and stop counting, please refer to the manual to confirm the specific problem to solve. Please plug in the power, press the switch button, and the money counter will be ready for using. If it does not turn on, please replace the spare fuse or mail us. It is recommended to flatten the bills when you put them in. If the bill is not flat enough and you put a wrinkled bill in, then the bills may get stuck. ( Please count the old and new bills separately to avoid jaming) If you need to count the denomination, please count the bills of different denominations separately (value of the same bills * corresponding quantities) and just add up the different denomination values after counting.F

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