Amazing Peanut Butter Hunting Spray Attractant : Sports & Outdoors

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Peanut Butter flavor hunting spray attractant is made in the USA with all natural ingredients. It's super easy to apply with our turbo trigger sprayer. You can add a powerful peanut butter odor and flavor to your bait pile to attract your prey and keep them over the pile for a better setup shot. Spray it on and around your target zone. You can also spray it on elevated vegetation and tree bark where the wind can take the aroma of bacon further into the surrounding area. One 8 oz bottle can cover 900 sq. ft. Our water resistant formula will continue working for hours after applied. Other products will quickly lose their potency over a short period of time and don't stand up well in rain. Our product is water resistant and is long lasting even when compared with similar product types. Other flavors available are Bacon Blast, Persimmon Berries and Acorn Mash Spray.

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